Setrow Advert: System Expert

Job Description:

Enabling smooth operation of available software and reinstalling them when required,

Arranging performance and capacities of servers in line with requirements, and installing new ones,

Monitoring tracking software for system security and health,

Tracking, installing and configuring physical devices such as switch, storage, and load balancer.

General Qualifications:
  • University degree from relevant university departments.
  • Experience of at least 2 years,
  • Command of Unix architecture, and knowledge and experience about CentOS and Ubuntu operating systems preferably,
  • Able to install and configure software,
  • Knowledge of virtualization architectures, experience in VMWare virtualization technology preferably, and ability to install software such as ESXi, VCenter,
  • Knowledge of cluster structures, and ability to make cluster configurations of server software such as MySQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, MongoDB,
  • Command of Php-nginx configuration,
  • Knowledge of Netscaler configuration,,
  • Knowledge regarding Aktive Directory and FortiGate-Firewall,
  • Knowledge of network structures and installation and configurations of devices in these structures,
  • Knowledge of installation and configurations of storage systems such as SAN, vSAN, NFS,
  • Command of Php-nginx configuration, predisposition to teamwork, ability to think analytically, explorer, dynamic and result-oriented,