Permission Bank / Data Management

Permission Bank is a management application which keeps and logs e-mail and SMS permissions and delivers the current results via APIs.

What is a Permission Bank?

Companies which collect the personal data of their customers upon their given consents via various channels such as e-commerce, call centers and stores etc. encounter numerous problems about both keeping and processing this data in its current state. The fact that there are multiple data flow channels, and the data synchronization and sharing problems resulting from working with different companies supplying infrastructure lead to erroneous processes and results in the fields of E-mail Marketing and SMS Marketing.

Pursuant to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) dated 24/03/2016, liabilities have been stipulated for storage, processing and disposal of all the collected data, and criminal sanctions for all kinds of unauthorized processes. The need has arisen to store data more professionally by complying with the law and fulfilling the liabilities as part of KVKK, to create interactions based on current data, as well as identify and use the communication channels. This is a service that enables fulfilment of the emerging legal responsibilities, sharing of the most current and accurate data within infrastructure providers simultaneously, and storage of data in a secure manner.

Developed by Setrow, the Permission Bank service incorporates SAAS structure as other services of Setrow. Permission Bank stores the most current subscribe/unsubscribe or opt- in/opt-out data at a single point and distributes these data to SMS providers via e-mail. They can also respond in the most rapid and secure manner thanks to the capability to respond from different locations (CDN), and current software and hardware technologies used.

Law text:Law on the Protection of Personal Data

How does the Permission Bank work?

The Permission Bank has been designed to address the processes in the most simple and rapid manner, and simplify the processes required for this purpose. Therefore, the aim is to offer services in the most rapid and easy way without any complexity in the processes. There are two carriers of this service offered in the simplest way. They are called API and Panel.

The operation principles are as follows:

Ensuring data flow to the Permission Bank via channels such as e-commerce, store, call center, mobile application, etc. (API),)

Storing all records related to data flow provided from multiple channels along with all retroactive details so that the legal liabilities are fulfilled (API),

Return of the most current permission (subscribe/opt-in) information to data flow channels or other service provider companies when desired based on the e-mail address or phone number information (API),

Tracking of all processes and data that is input/output from Permission Bank as well as current permit states (Panel).

Who Should Use Permission Bank?

Today, all commercial activities are handled together with the personal privacy concerns. All activities conducted to connect the customer and vendor, whether it is a physical store or an e-commerce store, and communication and advertising organizations, are directly or indirectly related to issues such as privacy, safety of personal data, etc. This matter has become important both in Turkey and the world, and it can bring about legal sanctions. Raising awareness of consumers and abuse of personal data using illegal methods have made it a requirement to introduce a law such as KVKK, which binds everyone who conducts commercial activities.

Permission Bank is a service required by individuals that conduct commercial activities and processes such as protecting, storing, using and destroying personal data. It is a service that should be used by all companies that need to keep precise, reliable and retrospective reportable data for the purpose of enabling real-time data synchronization between infrastructure suppliers and providers that play a role in e-mail and SMS deliveries.