System Integration Service

Easily integrate and achieve greater efficiency with our CRM systems.

Integration can be defined as a way that connects an e-commerce site, CRM system or physical store to a marketing tool in order to create effective strategies in e-mail marketing activities. Data is continuously and uninterruptedly synchronized through integration, which targets high return rates with e-mail deliveries aimed at user interests and requests in e-mail automations.

Integration methods:

- Methods such as Web service, XML, DB connection offered by the infrastructure
- Setrow API services
Which data do we collect through integration?

User data (such as demographical information and users’ navigation information on the site, things searched in the search box)
Product data (all products and their categories)
Their purchase-related actions (Basket, Favorites and Order information)

Why integration?

- For strong automation strategies
- To learn more about the users and guide the campaigns based on this information
- For an increase in purchase rates
- To send highly customized e-mails to users. Above all, to gain maximum performance with minimum effort/cost in all these steps.