E-Newsletter Coding

You Don’t Have To Be a Setrow Customer To Receive Support From Our E-Newsletter Coding Service!

You want to send your newsletter designs correctly but you do not have an employee with advanced HTML knowledge; then, you can receive paid support from Setrow on E-Newsletter Coding.

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Our E-Newsletter Coding Services

We offer solutions from a design and benefit-oriented perspective at any contact point where interaction is present between the brand and the customer.

HTML (Basic Coding)
Newsletter Coding

E-mail servers block e-newsletters that consist of a single image due to security reasons, and do not deliver them to the e-mail recipient. Therefore, a tailored design must be sliced into multiple pieces and adapted to e-newsletter delivery via HTML coding. The procedure applied at this stage is known as “HTML Basic Coding”. (Code structure with no mobile optimization.)

HTML (Transactional)
Newsletter Coding

Transactional tracking is the procedure of transferring your newsletter deliveries to the code structure that is created by adding variable fields into the content. During content creation, newsletters delivered automatically by your system are converted into HTML code structure..

HTML (Responsive)
Newsletter Coding

Responsive design is critical in terms of technical compliance of the e-mail, and its focus on general audience. The opening rate of 47% of all e-mails sent in 2009 on mobile devices was about 4%. And this figure increases every year. The design must be prepared considering a responsive structure.
Mobile display optimization is achieved by using script structure in responsive e-newsletter coding. After coding, your newsletter is delivered to recipients in a manner fully compatible with all device formats.