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950 /month
  • Detailed Reporting
  • A-B Test
  • Creating a Custom Message with an Automatic Scenario
  • Transactional E-mail and SMS Delivery

ECO Package

59 /month
  • 10.000 E-mail Deliveries a Month
  • Festival and Special Day Templates
  • Free and Unlimited Online Support
  • Basic Reports


  • Get high sales returns in all modules with rapid and simple infrastructure integration!
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What Do Our Customers Say?

We embrace each brand that chooses as our own brand, and increase their success. Not only do we grow together, we also experience the pleasure of reaching our targets together.

What should I do when I start to receive services from Strow?

Upon completion of our easy installation form and signing of our contract, we provide an online training for your user which lasts about 30 to 45 minutes. Following the technical installation procedures and training, you can use the e-mail services of our product within 2 business days following your account activation.

How Can I Learn to Use the Panel?

Setrow provides special training for its customers. You can make a request for training, and continue to learn at your own pace by watching the Setrow Training videos in your panel after training.

What is integration? When is the integration process completed?

Integration is the process of transferring to Setrow in real-time and/or at specific intervals, information such as subscriber information, shopping information, expenditure information, product images, prices and stocks via e-commerce infrastructure software, software such as CRM, ERP, and through methods like API and web service, to allow you to use Setrow products and modules more effectively. Upon completion of these transactions, automatic e-mail, SMS and push features become available for use. Depending on the software to be integrated, the required time varies between 2 and 15 business days in all environments where there is healthy communication.

What is the rate of delivery to “inbox” provided by the e-mail service of Setrow? Is there any commitment in this regard?

Delivery of an e-mail to an inbox does not ONLY depend upon the technical capacity of Setrow. It is just one among the many factors that may cause an e-mail to be delivered straight to the inbox. There are about twelve to fifteen factors not directly related to Setrow, including the past safety record of the domain name of the brand using Setrow, whether it is on the blacklist, whether there is a default setting concerning incoming e-mails applicable to the app used by the receiver, firewalls and other security applications and their settings, responsiveness or unresponsiveness of the receiver to the sent e-mails (whether they are opened, not opened, clicked, etc.), and similar technical and technological aspects. Setrow has an entire, smooth-running infrastructure built at Industry Standards, and it continues to renew and update itself in tandem with the latest developments.

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