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E-mail Marketing

Based on the interests of your subscribers, send targeted and customized e-newsletters to the whole segment. Benefit from our speed and performance in bulk e-mail campaigns.

  • Easy scenario setups
  • Instant newsletter reports
  • Transactional e-mail delivery system

SMS Marketing

Send either scenario SMS that is integrated with our other modules or operational SMS to your permitted SMS data. Get SMS service without the need for another platform!

Smart Pop-Up

You can manage your site traffic and increase your returns on investments by completing your pop-up setups in a few minutes using numerous action options.

Push Notification

You can divide the data collected from your website with notification permit into segments based on the actions on your site. You can increase your web traffic by sending triggering push notifications and boost your conversion ratio by announcing your real-time campaigns instantly.

Smart Survey

Easily prepare, send, and instantly report your surveys via Setrow to offer special solutions for your members.

  • Create your survey
  • Choose your subscribers
  • Publish in your desired platform

Recommendation Engine

Based on both the previous and immediate actions of your visitors, increase the sales potential of the most suitable products by recommending them on the pages of your website.

Permission Bank

We can inform all other platforms used that all the e-mail and SMS data you have collected are permitted. And you can work with the comfort of complying with KVKK.

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