Sms Marketing

Send either scenario SMS that is integrated with our other modules or operational SMS to your permitted SMS data. Get SMS service without the need for another platform!

Areas of Use

You can start to use Setrow SMS service immediately with its easy web interface that can respond to all your needs.

Announcement SMS

You can send everything that you want to deliver to your lists consisting of your staff, customers, members, students etc. via SMS.

Reminder SMS

You can send a reminder SMS about birthdays, wedding anniversaries, payments and other information to your lists consisting of your customers, members, students, etc.

Permission Bank

We can inform all other platforms used that all the e-mail and SMS data you have collected are permitted. And you can work with the comfort of complying with KVKK.

Warning SMS

You can use warning SMS to inform the people you know about important incidences or situations (natural disaster, emergency, death news, etc.).

Interactive SMS

With your subscriber number, you can reach your phone book in the most convenient and effective way with the feature of sending bulk SMS and receiving free SMS.

International SMS

You can send instant SMS to your customers, business partners and anyone you want to reach abroad, by using our international SMS solutions.