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Our email marketing infrastructure allows you to see number of bulletins opened and number of clicks in the last 7 days. Blue...
You can go on “Bulletin Sending Status” page to see which transmissions have started and which have not been started and proc...
You can easily transfer thousands of people to the group by using copy and paste option.
Once you created a new group for quickly increasing the number of your subscribers, you can generate a group code from “Gener...

When you visit personal pages of your client who are offended by the bulletins you sent and clicked “I do not want to receive...
If you want to have detailed information about your subscriber, you can see all reactions of that person to your bulletins by...
Manual groups menu will help you to see which group is more efficient and to come up with a related strategy.
See detailed information about versions of browsers used to display your bulletins and ratios of using these browsers.

There will a graphic on personal details page of any person you view which states the person’s interest in your bulletins. If...
Setrow scans social media platforms to find faces of your clients and add them to your panel. You can see your client’s face ...
You can easily transfer hundreds of thousands people to your Setrow panel using Excel.
After sending the bulletins, our system monitors and records the reactions of your subscribers to the bulletins. Subscriber q...

You can always open a ticket if there is any aspect of our system that needs improvement or any information you want to find ...
Thanks to automatic grouping feature, you can set sensitivity of individuals in automatic groups and list who matches to the ...
You can set sensitivity rates before sending bulletins and see the number of people it is equal to.
You can have instant data about click and open rates of the bulletins you sent. You can click on the rates to see who opened ...

Visit “Bulletin Sending Status” page before sending your bulletin to do necessary checks and easily see which groups you have...
If a client asked you to call him/her back, you can state whether or not they are called back on “Call Me Back” page after ca...
You can schedule sending e-mails at a later date and relax after doing necessary tests on your bulletins.
Group optimized on your Setrow panel can be printed out in Excel format.

You can add any person to a group by using “Adding a Single Address” form.
You can click on the photo icon next to e-mail addresses of your clients on pages such as subscribers opened, clicked on bull...
Visit “Account Settings” page to set the number of bulletins to be sent per minute. The entire system can be paused on bulle...
If anyone leaves your bulletin list, Setrow shall immediately send an e-mail to the address you provided.

If you want to increase your e-mail open rates and click rates, you can remove cancelled e-mail accounts and persons who do n...
A single graphic gives you the number of bulletins opened on any time period in a day. Real time data is illustrated on the g...
Brands using Setrow infrastructure can display bulletin previews on a single page. For example:
You can easily and quickly create manual groups or edit existing group information manually…

You can send bulletins only to people who have a specific subscriber quality value in a group you selected. For example, if y...
You can quickly have access to practical information by using Setrow desktop notifications program rather than logging on you...
It is easy to send bulletins on Setrow. Use “Send Bulletin” section on our panel menu to quickly prepare your transmissions.
When you send bulletins to your subscribers in a group you created, you can see which e-mail was read and clicked the most on...

You can visit our homepage to easily see the people who open your last 10 bulletins and the minute they opened your bulletins...
Distribution of the most active 10 e-mail addresses in your groups can reviewed in pie chart format and you can see which e-m...
You can see faces of your clients on “Subscriber Photos” page and have detailed information.
“Bulletin Sending Status” page offers a preview that will allow you to take a last look at your bulletin before sending it.

You can see wrong addresses determined by the system on “Wrong Addresses” page and remove them from the groups they are regis...
You can easily list your clients who want to be called back and see whether or not they are contacted. The same page gives th...
Click rate distributions obtained when your subscribers click on the bulletins you sent allow you to see number of people cli...
After sending your bulletins, you can see on the map the city which has the highest e-mail open rate and click ratio. The wri...

You can use Address Add Log menu to see the number of addresses you tried to add on any date, the number of successful attemp...
Typing information you recall about the person you want to find would be enough for a Setrow search. Information you entered ...
You can find out the browser used by your clients to open the bulletins and the devices used to open bulletins on client basis.
Thanks to automatic grouping feature available only in Setrow, you can group your clients automatically based on their interests.

You can visit your Setrow homepage and easily find out which subscribers have profile photos out of all individuals who revie...
Click on subscriber quality values to see date of calculation right away.
We assign a unique, approved IP to each client from our infrastructure approved by services such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail ...
Click on Compare Reports button on Bulletin Reports page and select the bulletins you want to compare. After clicking on comp...

Visit “Live Broadcast” page after sending your bulletins to see people opening your bulletins and to surprise your clients by...
Once you login to the system, visit “Last 5 Bulletins” section on the homepage to easily review e-mail open, click and displa...
Optional “Advanced Filtering” feature allows you to filter persons in selected groups based on age, birth date, gender, city ...
Visit “Graphics” page after sending your bulletins to see open rate percentages of mobile devices and monitor the number glob...

You can easily see the number of bulletins tagged with the tags you specified.
You can automatically group by tagging the links in your bulletins.
Visit “Current Company Transactions” page on your panel to see your current debts, invoices and payment details.
You can track the number of bulletins sent in any month, how many bulletins were reviewed and the click rates in a graphic av...

You can have real time information about the time remaining to complete your bulletin by visiting “Bulletin Sending Status” p...
You can have information about the days when your bulletin is opened, the number of clicks and number of views in a graphic f...
After sending bulletins, adding addresses, creating groups etc., Setrow shall instantly send informational e-mails to the e-m...
Go to “Account Settings” page and change your panel background by clicking on change background menu.

You can easily and quickly login to your panel and use one single page to track the number of e-mails sent on any day and tot...
You can see when people opened the bulletins you sent and who did not receive these bulletins because of cancelled e-mail add...
You can easily review your client’s info recorded on our system, details of bulletins sent and logs on client basis by visiti...
You can review all invoice details from “Current Company Transactions” page so that the account can be settled.

Bulletins, sent using Setrow Infrastructure, are sent with approved software and thus your bulletins will be most likely disp...
You can easily review the people registered to your group. If you want, you can click on edit button to change any address de...
You can visit “Wrong Addresses” page to see the number of wrong addresses determined on daily basis in the last 30 days.
Click on the zoom icon right next to the bulletin you sent to easily view the bulletin you sent.

Visit “Bulletin Reports” page to list people who opened your bulletins and dates of opening the bulletin. A printable version...
Visit “Current Company Transactions” page to pay your invoices with your credit card and to pay your debt right away before b...
When you logon to your Setrow panel, the system will display a warning if there is any announcement sent to you. You can visi...
Clicking data section on “Bulletin Reports” allows you to immediately have information about who, when clicked your bulletin,...

We check the most common spelling mistakes made while adding subscribers to your groups and autocorrect any spelling mistakes...
You can use the API code provided to you by Setrow and integrate with your own CRM software. You can import all information a...
Visit “Graphics” tab on “Bulletin Reports” page to see which of the links in your bulletin is clicked the most, number and ra...
Select preview icon next to the bulletin subject line and quickly see the bulletins you sent.

Working on your groups existing at Setrow is very easy. Select the group you want to move and click on “Group Move” feature t...
You can see the number of addresses added to your panel in the last 7 days by visiting a single page.
You can see individual reasons why people left your bulletin lists and then remove people who left your list from the groups ...
Click on “Unsubscribed from Bulletin List” section on your Setrow panel and see who unsubscribed from your lists, date of uns...

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